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Look, I don’t know that you need to read this. But I know I needed to read it.

“For its advocates, Black Liberation necessarily refused the established political system, and refused to play the game of electoral gambles. It disidentified with America itself, and across the country millions of black and brown, poor and marginalized, sympathetic and insurgent subjectivities agreed. The point had been made: America was not and would never be for us.
“But this revolutionary separatism would soon fail, defeated by a truly cruel and brutal counter-insurgency waged by the FBI (same people who want to get in your iPhones, by the way) through COINTELPRO, police atrocity, white vigilantism, recuperation, and even assassination. What was left behind, after the black fighters went to prison, on the lamb, into graves, or into the Heroin shooting galleries, was a community devastated.

“Black Power survives on the cultural. Through language, through art, through attitude and affect. It has fled or expired from its early Maoist nationalism, it has even slipped away from the “Black” subjectivity itself. It is reproduced by everyone. Black Power is Dual Power. It both coexists with and opposes state power. It is a position against the United States as an idea, but is itself a kind of state.

“What if it is possible to contest the dominion of the state, and the structure of oppressions like white supremacy through media itself? What if militant struggle also follows from cultural intervention, instead of merely inspiring it?”



via Gina Luttrell

Well-written description of how polyamory is very much associated with voluntarism and individualism. Or, according to Sam Hammond, how people are corporations.

This on authoritarianism is one-sided (they’re on the left AND right), but good.

@jeweloree asserts that @Pornhub has the best data blog since @okcupid and I am inclined to agree.

In personal news, it was beautiful in SF yesterday and the day before and in that time I bought four sundresses and a pair of peep toes send help.

Also, tfw Warren stops mid- earth-shattering bang to say, “This better make it into the newsletter” and IT TOTALLY DOES. *high five*

One more thing.


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