Roosh V, Martin Shkireli, Cathy Reisenwitz, and other assholes

You guyyyyyyyys. WTF. I have zero grit! I promised myself I wouldn’t blog until I got my book proposal done. Then I didn’t blog OR put much work into my proposal. This is, suboptimal. But I’m not going to do nothing just because I’m not doing right. For whatever reason, I’m not ready to work on my book right now.

I think one thing is that I feel like there is a book in me. And as Matthew Feeney likes to say, that’s probably where it should stay. And it should, for now. But the book I really want to write is the one that tries to tell my story. Because it’s interesting to people. And I can see why when I take a step back. But I don’t feel like I’ve stepped back quite far enough. Even though the most interesting stuff happened years ago, it has not been years enough.

I set out at the beginning of the year to build a list. And by God, I’m going to do it the old-fashioned way while I decide what to do next re:bigger projects.

I’ve missed this so much. I’ve missed quickly blogging my stupid thoughts and emailing my fave links. I miss the interaction. I’ve been fighting with people on Twitter to try to approximate it.

Here are some links.

This is one of those pieces you’re probably going to hate unless you’re pretty deep into sex worker rights and intersectional, sex-positive feminism. But if you are into those things, this is a great read.

A rare bit of good news for advocates of property rights, from my boy Nick Sibilla at IJ.

It’s the best thinkpiece on Martin Shkireli, from the New Yorker, of course. via Scott Monaghan.

A good take on on #RooshV and pro-rape rallies by @enbrown.

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