Butt stuff

“My worst fear is being one of those cyber-feminists who’s offended by everything, so in order to challenge my aversion to strap-ons, I organized a queer, roundtable lunch with strap-on loving Lori and my particularly opinionated friend Mel, a 37-year-old queer actress.”

In a post about why (some) women love strap-ons, Karley Sciortino provides a good description of sex-positive feminism: “If the point of sex is to create intimacy and to give and receive pleasure, then why restrict yourself from something that feels good just because of the patriarchy or whatever?”

And then we have a new piece from my current fave, Alana Massey. “The Great Butt Stuff Normalization of 2014 was a bright spot in an otherwise grim year of conflict and turmoil.”

“Rearranging the letters in my name spells ‘Easy Anal Sam,’ so it might seem like I’m a natural anal enthusiast, but I’m actually quite reserved about butt stuff. Yet 2015 was the year in which not one but two men went from going down on me in the way of the pilgrims to eating my ass without declaring their intentions.”

A TMI warning on a blog with “sex” in the name might be a bit redundant but, JIC, here it is. That done, if memory serves, 2015 was the year my ass lost its getting eaten virginity. See, we’re just the same! Minus talent and a book deal.

If you still want to have anal sex at the end of that column, well, you and I are not the same person.


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