The simple solution to the campus rape crisis no one is talking about

Politics is so funny. As is tribalism. Look, here’s a right-wing nut job and a social justice warrior saying the same damn thing about inequality.

“You used to be able to graduate high school, get a job, work hard and things would work out in the end. You could raise a family on factory wages. That’s gone. And it’s gone because of policies pursued by elites who benefit from them.” Who wrote it? Who knows? Read them both to find out. Also because they’re both amazing writers and thinkers.

California, I will cut you. California’s Plan to Kill the Driverless Car by Antony Davies, whose name I severely mangled in an op-ed once.

As Christine Bowman put it, “Toxic Masculinity hurts men. The Patriarchy hurts men. Feminism does not hurt men.” An Australian study has shown that “Unhelpful conceptions of masculinity – the ‘tough Aussie bloke’ stereotype in particular” is a leading cause of suicide in men. Men who blame feminism have a point. If anti-feminists were as successful at preventing women from working, owning property, or making financial decisions as they were in the past, more men would be able to conform to that stereotype. But if anti-feminists want to blame men’s woes on women’s fairer shot at self-sufficiency, they need to also admit that they want women back in chains.

As a former evangelical, I’ll tell you Why Evangelicals Worship Trump Betsy Woodruff. It’s because they don’t know what the Bible says either!

JK, actually not JK. Listen to a Baptist preacher. It’s all bluster and emotion and calls to come to Jesus. The congregation is semi-educated white people who think they’re oppressed for their beliefs. Of course Trump appeals to evangelicals.

This whole thing is good, and very relevant for me right now, thanks Nick Ford. But this portion is hilar.


“Marketing a book is less like using antibiotics for an infection ten years ago, and more like using antibiotics for an infection today. What I mean is, ten years ago if you had a bacterial sickness the doctor would be like HERE TAKE THIS ZITHOMYCILLIN PILL AND TA-DA YOUR SICKNESS IS GONE, and now it’s like, TAKE THIS FLORKOMAX PILL AND IF THIS DOESN’T WORK WE’LL TRY LIKE SIX OR SEVEN MORE AND HOPE LIKE HELL THAT YOU DON’T GET SOME SORT OF FACE-EATING UBER-MRSA BECAUSE AT THIS POINT WE KINDA FUCKED UP THE WHOLE ANTIBIOTIC THING SORRY. Making a book sell is not an act where as long as you make the proper sacrifices and insert TAB A into SLOT B you are guaranteed a bestseller. It’s important to realize that publishers don’t actually know what they’re doing. This sounds like a knock against them; it isn’t. It’s to make it clear that they are not perfect gatekeeper entities curating bestsellers while willfully relegating everything else to the sewer. The best publisher tries a lot of different things based on experience and data. Even still, the best publisher has to concede that what worked for Book #1 will not automatically work for Book #2.”

HOKAY, back to sex. Here’s a really great profile of a pair of Boston swingers.

And, back to feminism. I watched two CH Sommers videos today. Yes, I also think this is getting creepy.

On the first one, I like that she calls out feminists who have “rejected the Enlightenment.” Now I want her to do the same for anti-feminists, of which I suspect even more are either ignorant of or hostile to important Enlightenment ideas like empiricism.

For the second one, well, of course I like it. I made the same point last month. Hillary Clinton has made believing victims of rape who are in college a big part of her campaign. Which makes her a hypocrite. But it’s also just… dumb. College rape should not be a feminist priority. First of all, you’re actually less likely to be raped on campus than many other places. Second, rapes should be handled by police, not college administrators. Third, if you want to focus on believing victims, look at the group of people who most need to believe victims, and most often don’t: Police officers. Instead of focusing on getting a group of people who shouldn’t be involved in rape accusations to do a better job at investigating rape, put pressure on the people whose job it is to investigate rape to do a better job. This shit is not complicated. And, by doing so, you stop the culture war bullshit about due process on campus. Campus isn’t the place for due process. The court system is the place for due process.

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