Make the most out of your infographic link bait

The first step to earning those inbound links is putting something on your site that people will want to link to. Infographics work well because people love to share them. Here’s a fun example: the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names. Now, boys and girls, how could have done this even better? How about offering … [Read more…]

Google Instant – don’t freak out

I’ve heard way too many people say Google Instant is going to put SEOs out of their jobs. That’s ridiculous. Here’s why. The rankings haven’t changed. Google Instant doesn’t change sites’ rankings, Google has come out and said so. And rankings still drive qualified traffic. And SEO still drives rankings. So SEO still matters, even … [Read more…]


Just got back from the SEOMoz training seminar in Seattle and my mind is completely blown. I got tons of new ideas for on-page and off-page SEO. Nothing was beginner stuff, it was all advanced SEO tips and tactics. I would HIGHLY recommend this seminar to anyone who’s been in the game a minute and … [Read more…]

This is your headline on SEO Cute story about an old journalist who doesn’t like the intrusion of the internet into his sacred newsroom. The story would be tired, but the writer made if fresh and funny. And I love the headline tie-in. Being a journalism major and SEO, I’m fascinated by how much trouble the journalism industry has had … [Read more…]

Eureka moment on public education and testing

Something dawned on me while I was reading about the failure of standardized testing to improve the quality of public education. Testing is an attempt to use means other than the market to perform a market role. Think about it. How does the market ensure quality? It puts producers in competition with each other in … [Read more…]