Charter Schools Might Be Coming to Alabama – Time to Put the Money Where the Mouth Is

I wrote this a while ago but with the holidays and whatnot didn’t have time/inclination to post it. Learned today via that my home state of Alabama might be getting herself some charter schools! Yeehaw! While charter schools are hardly the Anarcho-capitalist ideal, I believe they can constitute a step in the right direction. … [Read more…]

Whole Foods CEO really gets this capitalism thing

From a Reason Magazine interview with CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey: We’ve created this wall in the world. On the one hand, we believe that not-for-profits and government are motivated by a deeper purpose—public service—and then on the other side of this wall, we have corporations and businesses, and they’re motivated strictly by selfishness … [Read more…]

Example #23489 of government intervention into the marketplace hurting the poor

Don’t you hate it when those bastard free marketers push home loans on people who can’t afford the monthly payments, leading them to bankruptcy, homelessness and foreclosure? Yeah, me too, except, oh wait, no that would be government bureaucrats pushing home loans on the poor. The city of Cleveland contributed to its foreclosure crisis by … [Read more…]

“You expect them to be acting only in the interests of the company or the public, not putting money in their pockets at the same time.”

Well then you’re dumber than you look. Seriously, this is one of the fundamental misunderstandings at the heart of statism. People really think being an employee of the state absolutely changes human nature from self-interested striving to endless benevolent self-sacrifice. And people continue to be shocked, Shocked! when they find that doesn’t work. The quote … [Read more…]

I’m sticking up for anarchy

I came across American Oligarchy: A legacy of betrayal via my Google Alert for “corporatism.” Anarchy: This word originated from the Greek, anarchos; meaning literally: no ruler. Anarchy is popularly equated with chaos, violence, disorder, barbarism. The reason is that without some form of coordinated security, each person is required to provide for their own … [Read more…]