Dolores Hosts a Topless Picnic

On Sunday afternoon, an assortment of San Franciscans doffed their tops for Casual Tits in Dolores Park. Host Leela Hann-Soden got the idea for a day in the park with our tits out while reading San Francisco’s nudity laws, an issue that has its own Wikipedia page. I searched for Social Nudity in Huntsville, Alabama … [Read more…]


I’m back to my old tricks, my babies. That’s right. I’ve got a column, though this time it’s in a local rag, the Bay City Beacon. Here’s my bio: “Cathy Reisenwitz writes about software for a living, sex on the side, and policy for fun. Her column ‘Unintended Consequences’ appears regularly in the Bay City … [Read more…]

I suck at blogging

Hello my babies. SF has caused me to think a lot about who I want to be when I grow up this year. Which has resulted in a lot of writing for local site Broke-Ass Stuart: What Have We Learned 25 Years After LA Rioted Over Rodney King? Exploring the Kink in S-Town 4 Ways The … [Read more…]

Two new pieces and an update

Yesterday FEE published me on Chuck Berry. And today Adam Gurri (of Mercatus and Sweet Talk Conversation fame) and Paul Crider are launching a new joint: Liberal Currents. And it’s got a brand-new essay from yours truly, which I don’t yet have a link for but if you go there you’ll find it. As for life, … [Read more…]

Here’s what’s hard about right now

It’s hard to move across the country and also start a new relationship. Shocker, right? I mean yes we’ve been dating long-distance for two years but we weren’t very close and also a live-in relationship is completely different than even a close long-distance one. First, let’s talk about what’s been easy. The practical aspects of … [Read more…]