I suck at blogging

Hello my babies. SF has caused me to think a lot about who I want to be when I grow up this year. Which has resulted in a lot of writing for local site Broke-Ass Stuart: What Have We Learned 25 Years After LA Rioted Over Rodney King? Exploring the Kink in S-Town 4 Ways The … [Read more…]

Two new pieces and an update

Yesterday FEE published me on Chuck Berry. And today Adam Gurri (of Mercatus and Sweet Talk Conversation fame) and Paul Crider are launching a new joint: Liberal Currents. And it’s got a brand-new essay from yours truly, which I don’t yet have a link for but if you go there you’ll find it. As for life, … [Read more…]

Here’s what’s hard about right now

It’s hard to move across the country and also start a new relationship. Shocker, right? I mean yes we’ve been dating long-distance for two years but we weren’t very close and also a live-in relationship is completely different than even a close long-distance one. First, let’s talk about what’s been easy. The practical aspects of … [Read more…]

“Buy American” Makes Sense, Sound True, and Does Not Work at All

There are so many things that make sense, sound true, and are absolutely, demonstrably false. “Since bleach is a great cleaner, and ammonia is a great cleaner, mixing them together makes an amazing cleaner.” “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” “If you want more American jobs you have to buy American.” This … [Read more…]

What Liberal Equality Looks Like and Why We Need it More Than Ever

I’m not sure what you’d call the people who oppose “black sites.” For those unfamiliar, the Central Intelligence Agency has operated secret bunkers in major cities on US soil. Operatives disappear people who haven’t been charged with any crime to these sites. These detainees don’t get a phone call so their families can know where … [Read more…]